The beauty of Estonia effervesces in a dandelion bud blossoming with morning sunrays, hides in the hundred-year-old creak of the tarred log of a beach house, surprises in lilac-scented breeze. And vanishes. To the shadows of the bushes. To sounds, scents, music.
The beauty of Estonia is echoed in whispers. It is talked about as a secret that would like to exclaim “I am here!”, but at the same moment runs away with the sunset behind a peninsula.
The beauty of Estonia is enchanting, magical, and sometimes even bewitching. To get it you must feel it. To express it you must understand it.
Eesti Juveel, having created jewellery inspired by the beauty of Estonia for about a century, asked three local top jewellery designers to share their elation – Krista Lehari, Birgit Skolimowski, and Gvido Valickis. Together, LUMMUS was born—magnificent jewellery, which expresses the beauty of Estonia in all its different nuances.
In 2021, Siim Anton, the versatile production manager of Eesti Juveelitehas, joined the family of LUMMUS creators, who created next to previous collections his first jewelry series dedicated to his poem, Tammetunne.
LUMMUS is a charismatic brand of jewellery produced industrially in Estonia, which comprises various collections also inspired by Estonia. LUMMUS is a balance between a designer’s piece and a mass product.
LUMMUS—its beauty does not only lie in the eyes of the beholder but is sensed. All the jewellery is made of silver, following handicraft traditions and using contemporary technologies.
LUMMUS carries Northern exoticness, dignity, and originality. It is exclusive yet affordable at the same time.
LUMMUS has ancient Estonian roots but still reflects global trends. LUMMUS is the response of the Estonian designers to the world.
LUMMUS is the synonym for a high-quality Estonian design jewel.