Jewellery is a part of my genetic code and shaped me for who I am today. My first memories bring conjures up images of the artist’s father Pelgulinna keldriateljeest metal, which saw her skilled hands of the miracles happening.

At the time, it seemed so mysterious. A small child, I could not dream that my fingers could ever metal art forms. But the more I began to understand himself and life, the clearer it became that studying jewelery and precious metals Sinking your life is the way that I want to go.

I love jewelry made of silver. It is a beautiful and warm material. I work in the larger forms such as prizes and objects, but lately, I was particularly interested in small-volume design. As well as cooperation with other designers, because it parses fertilize new ideas and views.

I believe that beauty is all around us, and everything will be inspiration. It should only be open to themselves. A good piece of jewelry delights the creator and beautify the vehicle. This is the target, the achievement of which will keep the engine work!